Privacy policy

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy learning more about Credirisk, our products and services.

Credirisk respects your right to privacy in the Internet world, when using the Credirisk Web site to communicate with us. We have implemented all necessary measures and we make our best effort to preserve the security of any personal information which you provide us. Credirisk is committed to comply with the local legislation for the protection and privacy of personal data. 

This privacy policy sets out the data processing practices adopted by Credirisk concerning the use of the Internet and other forms of electronic communication. 

Thus, it is essential and extremely important that becomes aware that Credirisk is the responsible entity (parent) for the security of your personal data. That is, Credirisk is responsible for the personal information that you provide us. The principles set forth in this privacy policy apply to all those whose task is to control this type of information at Credirisk.

If you have any request related to your personal information or any questions regarding the practices described above, please contact Credirisk.