Each of our employees represents the spirit of our company: driven, committed and acutely aware of our market.

With a well-rounded, talented and complementary team with expertise of more than 10 years in the banking, financial, insurance and telecommunications market.

Our professionals are dedicated to our mission of serving our clients in all of their needs with our know how.

Vasco Oliveira | CEO

Partner and founder of Credirisk in Portugal. Is responsible for coordinating and managing the whole company and business development.

Helena Coelho | Financial & HR

Responsible to Finance & HR department which includes manage funds in such a manner as to maximize return on Credirisk investment while minimizing risk, and while also ensuring that an adequate control structure is in place.

Luis Moreira | Business Manager

He is responsible for leading the development of global business opportunities that support the commercialization of Credirisk Solutions in Europe, Africa and Brazil.

Olga Romão | Analitics Manager

Responsible for the development and quality assurance of the Decision Process Solutions as well as for the management and delivery of several projects in many of our key customers.